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Metal and plastic professionals for low currents

BERNSTEIN presents position switches IN73 and MN78 at the SPS in Nuremberg

Porta Westfalica/Nuremberg, 30.10.2019 – The IN73 and MN78, the latest developments from BERNSTEIN AG in the field of position switches, are the successful answer to an increased market demand. The contacts of the new developments are specially designed for switching low currents. A special contact surface and certain alloy constituents are just as important as the ability to self-clean at each operation.

The role of position switches has changed completely in recent decades: While in the middle of the 20th century the switches had to be able to operate with currents of up to 16A, today they are only a few mA. The IN73 and MN78 were developed especially for this requirement.

The IN73 is a hybrid because of the sophisticated fusion of metal and plastic components. Thus, all mechanically stressed components and also the mounting level of the switch are almost completely made of metal. A mechanical service life of up to 30 million switching cycles can be effortlessly assured. The lower housing area, on the other hand, is made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, which also makes the IN73 economically attractive.

The MN78, on the other hand, is a completely metal version of the position switch that scores points for reliably fulfilling its task even in harsh environments, outdoors or under high mechanical stress.

Thanks to the IP66 and IP67 protection classes, the two switches are protected both against strong jets of water and against submersion.
All position switches of the new IN73 and MN78 series have positive break NC contacts according to IEC 60947-5-1. They can therefore be used as Type 1 switches according to ISO 14119 in safety applications according to the Machinery Directive. The switch can be used up to performance level e with appropriate system design.   

Classic areas of application for the position switches are, for example:

•    Monitoring of doors, hoods or flaps
•    Position detection of moving machine parts
•    Object detection in conveyor technology
•    End position control of components
•    Position detection on roller shutters
•    Monitoring of sliding doors
•    Position detection in elevator technology